Bracelet Making Kits

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Discover the joy of creating your own handmade bracelets with our roundup of the best bracelet making kits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, these kits offer hours of creative fun and stunning results. From simple stringing designs to intricate bead weaving, they cater to various skill levels and styles. Stay trendy and express your unique personality with these easy-to-use kits. Read on to find the perfect one for you.

The Top 20 Best Bracelet Making Kits

  1. DIY Personalized Bracelet Kit for Kids and Friends — Creative, DIY Bracelet Making Kits for All Ages — Perfect for Personalized Bracelets, Party Crafts & Gift Kits!
  2. DIY Bead Jewelry Making Set for Kids — Unleash your creativity with the Make It Real Bead Drawer Jewelry Kit, featuring over 2600 beads and all necessary materials to craft one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, and rings, perfect for self-expression and impressing your friends!
  3. DIY Bracelet Making Set with Pink Halo Charms — Make it Real Bracelets, Halo Charms, Think Pink”: Create beautiful charm bracelets with this 27-piece set, perfect for kids to showcase their creativity and enhance their wardrobe.
  4. Pink Charm Bracelet Making Kit | Perfect for Kids — Make it Real Think Pink Halo Charms Bracelets Kit: A comprehensive set for crafting unique and stunning charm bracelets, perfect for all ages.
  5. Personalized Jewelry-Making Kit for Kids Aged 10 and Up — The Just My Style Ultimate Jewelry Center is a versatile and comprehensive bracelet and jewelry-making kit for all ages that comes with thousands of colorful beads, elastic cording, and fully-illustrated instructions to design unique, personalized pieces.
  6. DIY Personalized Jewelry Making Kit — Transform your jewelry collection with the True2U DIY Personalized Jewelry Kit, an expertly curated set containing all the tools and materials needed to craft 10 stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  7. DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit for Kids — Discover the joy of DIY jewelry creation with the Koralakiri 91 Pieces Charm Bracelet Making Kit, perfect for gifting and bonding with family while making precious memories together.
  8. DIY Mega Jewelry Studio Set — Unleash your creativity with the Make It Real Mega Jewelry Studio, boasting a diverse selection of beads, cords, and tools for crafting up to 50 glamorous jewelry pieces and accessories.
  9. DIY Charm Bracelet Craft Kit for Children and Beginners — Create adorable charm bracelets with ease using the Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Charm Bracelets Kit, perfect for beginners and children with included instructions and video tutorials.
  10. DIY Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet Set — The Make It Real DIY Juicy Couture Bracelet — Chains & Charms provides a fun, glamorous, and personalized charm bracelet making experience for young designers, inspiring creativity and self-expression while offering high-quality components and durability.
  11. DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids — The Orian Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit for Girls is a 550+ piece set that lets kids create fun, colorful, and stylish snap bead bracelets perfect for home or on-the-go playtime with friends while nurturing their imagination.
  12. DIY Bracelet Making Kit for Girls — Younuo Charm Bracelet Making Kit for Girls: Creative DIY Fun, Personalize Your Style with Cute Charms and Bracelets, Perfect for Gifts, Parties, and DIY Jewelry Enthusiasts
  13. DIY Bracelet Making Studio: Cra-Z-Art 41 Piece Complete Set — The Cra-Z-Art Be Inspired Ultimate Bracelet Studio is a 41-piece unisex kit perfect for creating trendy, personalized bracelets with charms, metallic threads, and beads, making it an ideal choice for kids aged 8 and up to enjoy unlimited creativity.
  14. Stylish Adults Deluxe Jewelry Making Beads Mix Starter Kit — Unleash your creative side with the Adults Deluxe Jewelry Making Beads Mix Pliers Starter Kit — a curated gift set that empowers beginners to create unique, eye-catching bracelets and more.
  15. DIY Jewelry Set for Kids — Fao Schwarz Jewelry Kit: A versatile DIY set with 1,500+ beads, jewelry box, and various components, encouraging limitless creativity for ages 6+ to design and store their unique creations.
  16. DIY Custom Jewelry & Accessory Case — Discover endless creativity with the STMT True2U DIY Custom Jewelry & Accessory Case, boasting 842 pieces and assorted colors for personalized jewelry and accessory designs, perfect for ages 8 and up.
  17. Glittering Rainbow Bead Jewelry Kit — Elevate your jewelry collection with the hildie & jo 16oz Rainbow Glass Bead Kit, perfect for creating vibrant necklaces and bracelets designed to add a pop of color and charm to any outfit.
  18. Bracelet Making Starter Kit — Get creative and craft stunning metal cuff bracelets with this comprehensive kit from Metal Supply Chick, offering all the essential tools and materials for starting your jewelry-making journey.
  19. DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet Kit — Effortlessly craft a stunning and meaningful beaded bracelet with the Green Serpent Wrap Bracelet Beading Kit, inspired by the captivating tale of Eglė the Queen of Serpents.
  20. Rainbow Loom Neon Bracelet Making Kit | Michaels Exclusive — Discover the Rainbow Loom Neon Treasure Box Bracelet Making Kit from Michaels for the coolest bracelets and an engaging craft experience suitable for ages 7 and up.

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DIY Personalized Bracelet Kit for Kids and Friends


As a stay-at-home mom, I’m always on the lookout for fun and creative ways to spend some quality time with my kids. That’s why I was super excited when I stumbled upon this DIY Bracelet Kit on Etsy!

The first thing you notice about this kit is how beautifully packaged it is. It’s like receiving a personalized treasure box filled with all the tools and beads needed to make three unique bracelets. The clear elastic string, scissors, paper ruler, permanent marker, assorted beads, and charms are all professionally arranged in an attractive insert. This instantly made me feel confident that I had chosen a high-quality, well-thought-out product.

Another great aspect of this kit was its ability to be customized. Before purchasing, I had the option to enter up to ten letters, which would then be used to create a personalized word, name, initials, or any combination of these elements for the bracelets. I found that to be incredibly thoughtful and appreciated the attention to detail.

One downside, though, was the lack of variety in bead colors. Some users may prefer more options, but for me, the simplicity of the color palette just added to the charm of the kit.

The comprehensive online video tutorial was also a major plus. It was easy to follow and covered everything from sorting beads to securing the bracelet once completed. The video not only taught us how to make the bracelet but also provided several design ideas for different styles, which extended the fun and creativity involved in the process.

In terms of difficulty level, even a beginner can master the art of making these bracelets. The assorted beads and charms made it a breeze to create appealing patterns and designs, and the scissors, paper ruler, and permanent marker were all handy tools that contributed to the smooth execution of the project.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase. The DIY Bracelet Kit provided hours of entertainment for my kids and gave us a beautiful keepsake that we will cherish forever. It’s an awesome way to bond with your little ones while nurturing their creativity. I will definitely be returning to the Seller’s shop for more DIY kits in the future!

DIY Bead Jewelry Making Set for Kids


I recently tried the Make It Real’s Bead Drawer jewelry kit with my kids, and it instantly became their favorite craft activity. The kit contains over 2,600 beads in various shapes, colors, and sizes, making it perfect for creating unique, handmade bracelets and necklaces.

The highlight of the product is definitely the bead variety. We enjoyed experimenting with different bead combinations, stackable bracelets, and layered necklaces, making each piece uniquely ours. The beads are made from plastic, but some have a glass-like appearance that adds a touch of sophistication.

The storage system is another standout feature. The trays are clear, which makes it easy to find the beads we wanted. The only downside was that the lids didn’t lock, leading to some confusion about which way to open them.

One minor inconvenience was the smaller beads. Some were a bit too small for the colored cords, making it a little challenging to attach them. However, this didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the product.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Make It Real Bead Drawer jewelry kit for anyone looking to foster creativity and bonding with their kids. The variety of beads and versatile storage system make it a worthwhile investment for hours of hands-on fun.

DIY Bracelet Making Set with Pink Halo Charms


I recently purchased the Make It Real Bracelets, Halo Charms, Think Pink set for my daughter’s birthday. This charming kit comes with everything you need to create three beautiful charm bracelets. The beads are large and colourful, perfect for little hands to work with. Additionally, there are 15 different bead options to choose from, allowing your child to create a truly unique and personalized bracelet.

What stood out to me was the excellent craftsmanship of the charms and bracelets. The bracelets are sturdy and well-made, ensuring they can withstand wear from even the most enthusiastic young crafter. Moreover, the charms are adorable, adding the perfect touch of glamour to each bracelet.

However, one con I experienced was the limited variety of bracelets provided. With only three bracelets included in the set, it may not be enough for more than one child to create their own bracelet. Another potential downside is the time it takes to complete each bracelet. Depending on your child’s patience and creativity, some may find the process too tedious.

Overall, I would recommend the Make It Real Bracelets, Halo Charms, Think Pink set for parents looking for a fun and creative activity to bond with their children over. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the bracelets make it worth the investment, especially considering the relatively affordable price point.

Pink Charm Bracelet Making Kit | Perfect for Kids


I recently got the Make It Real Pink Halo Charms Bracelets Kit for my daughter’s birthday and it was a hit! . It came with a mix of beads and charms, all embellished with sparkly faux crystals and shiny gold accents which she absolutely loved.

The big beads and easy to follow instructions made it a fun activity for us to do together. We were able to make three beautiful bracelets that she couldn’t wait to show off to her friends.

However, the one drawback is that there aren’t too many pieces in the kit, so once you’ve made the bracelets there’s not much left to play with. But overall, it’s a simple, charming little kit that’s bound to bring some joy into a child’s life.

Personalized Jewelry-Making Kit for Kids Aged 10 and Up


I had always been a fan of customizing my own jewelry, and when I came across the Just My Style Ultimate Jewelry Center, I knew I had to give it a try. With thousands of colorful beads and hundreds of beads and charms that spanned the entire alphabet, this kit felt like it had everything I needed to bring my unique accessory ideas to life.

One of the first things that stood out to me was the built-in beading tray. It made organizing my materials a breeze, and the fully-illustrated instructions were incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process of creating trendy styles such as beaded necklaces and three-strand bracelets.

I also appreciated the versatility of the storage case, which allowed me to keep all my supplies together when I wanted to take my jewelry-making on the go. The ability to create emoticon charms by adding stickers to flat beads was another fun touch that allowed me to add an extra layer of personalization to my designs.

However, there were a few issues that we’re worth mentioning. The plastic inside the storage case was quite flimsy, and I found it difficult to keep the beads separated at times. Additionally, some users reported that the bead holes were too small and the string was very hepatic, making it challenging to create certain designs.

Overall, I found the Just My Style Ultimate Jewelry Center to be an enjoyable way to unleash my creativity and design one-of-a-kind accessories. While it does have a few minor flaws, it’s a great product for both experienced bracelet-makers and those who are just starting out.

DIY Personalized Jewelry Making Kit


As a jewelry-loving person, I’ve tried quite a few DIY jewelry making kits. When I first got my hands on the STMT DIY Personalized Jewelry Kit, I was excited to see what it had to offer. The kit is designed to make 10 unique pieces of jewelry, and it comes with everything you need — beads, cords, clasps, and even an instruction booklet.

The first thing that stood out was the variety of beads and cords. There were so many colors and styles to choose from, that I was able to create some truly one-of-a-kind pieces. The instruction booklet was also very helpful for beginners like me who needed a little guidance.

One downside was that some of the cords were quite tricky to tie securely. It took me a few tries to get the knots right, but once I did, the resulting jewelry pieces looked great.

Overall, I had a lot of fun using the STMT DIY Personalized Jewelry Kit. It’s a great way to express your creativity and make personalized gifts for friends and family. If you’re looking for a DIY jewelry making kit, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try.

DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit for Kids


I recently tried this charming 91-piece bracelet making kit by Koralakiri, and I must say, it has been a delightful experience. The kit comes with an array of colorful beads and charms, along with a snake chain, which allows me to create not just one, but multiple beautiful bracelets and necklaces. It’s perfect for gifting, especially during special occasions like birthdays, friendships, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

The first time I opened the kit, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful pink gift box it came in. The box makes it easy to store and transport all the beads and charms without losing any of them. It’s definitely a convenient and attractive packaging for a bracelet making kit.

One of the highlights of this kit is the variety of charms and beads included. Each piece is made with great care, and they all come together to create a cohesive, cute, and creative set. This kit has given me hours of fun, and endless thought to create unique and personalized jewelry pieces. Plus, I get to spend quality time with my family while making these bracelets, which makes the whole experience even more meaningful and special.

Another amazing feature of this kit is the quality of the jewelry. The charms and beads are made of high-quality materials, and they are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means that the jewelry pieces I create with this kit will be cherished and loved for a long time to come.

However, there is one small issue with the kit: the bracelets are a bit difficult to unscrew when adding charms or beads. I had to use pliers to remove the bracelet ends, and it took some effort. But overall, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the joy and satisfaction I get from using this kit.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Koralakiri 91-piece charm bracelet making kit to anyone who loves creating and personalizing jewelry. It’s a perfect DIY gift for kids and a great way to bond with family. The quality of the components, the adorable packaging, and the endless possibilities for creativity make this kit a real winner.

DIY Mega Jewelry Studio Set


I remember the first time I grabbed this Make It Real Mega Jewelry Studio, I was thrilled at how comprehensive it was. The variety of beads, threads, and other embellishments just blew my mind! I felt like a master jewelry maker, creating my own unique pieces without needing to purchase any extra supplies.

One of the things that stood out to me was how well-organized everything was in its cute little case. It kept all my jewelry making supplies in one place, making it easy for me to get creative anytime I wanted. Another plus point was the quality of the beads and threads. They were vibrant, durable, and added that extra sparkle to my creations.

However, there were a few minor hiccups. Firstly, the instructions could’ve been more detailed or included some visual aids. Secondly, I found cutting the threads was quite challenging. They frayed easily, making threading a bit difficult. But these were manageable issues that didn’t dampen my overall satisfaction with the product.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Make It Real Mega Jewelry Studio to anyone looking for an engaging and creative outlet. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, and provides hours of fun while also enhancing hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and patience. So why wait? Start making your own jewelry today!

DIY Charm Bracelet Craft Kit for Children and Beginners


As a reviewer who’s been using the “Quick Knit Charm Bracelets” kit from Creativity for Kids, I can tell you it’s been a hit in our house. The variety of charms and beads made it easy for my kids to get creative with their bracelet designs, and the instructional videos were super helpful when we got stuck.

One minor issue I had was that the wooden “knitting pick” included in the kit was a bit unwieldy for my younger daughter at first. But once she got the hang of it, she was knitting up a storm and having a blast!

Overall, this is a great project for rainy days or when you want to keep the kids entertained indoors. The colorful yarn and cute charms make the finished bracelets look really special, and my kids have had fun making bracelets for themselves and their friends. Definitely a thumbs up from us!

DIY Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet Set


As a DIY enthusiast, I couldn’t resist trying out this Make It Real DIY Juicy Couture Bracelet. As someone who loves customizing and creating glam bracelets, this kit has been a go-to for me. The range of charms and beads included are diverse and appealing, adding an element of personalization and style to each piece. However, I did find the threading process quite challenging, especially when it came to working with the velvet ribbon. It’s a little tricky and may be a tad frustrating for beginners. Nevertheless, once completed, the bracelets definitely have a unique charm to them!

The most appealing aspect of this kit is the variety of charms and beads. This allows for endless possibilities of design, keeping the making process fun and exciting. However, the threading process can be a tad challenging, especially when working with the velvet ribbon.

This kit also includes a generous amount of materials, which is a plus, but the instructions could be more detailed, especially for beginners. This might lead to some confusion and frustration during the threading process.

All things considered, despite the learning curve, this kit has been a joy to work with. I particularly love the variety of charms and beads that allow for personalized, unique designs. It’s definitely worth trying for those who love crafting and creating their own bling!

DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Kids


Oh, what fun it was to discover the Orian Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit for my little one! This vibrant set truly brought hours of entertainment and creativity into our home. My daughter, or should I say budding jewelry artist, spent countless hours designing and crafting her unique masterpieces.

One of the standout features of this pop beads kit is its immense variety. With over 550 pieces ranging from beads to bracelets, headbands, and rings, it’s a treasure trove for any budding fashion stylist. Plus, the unicorn-themed drawstring bag added a touch of magic that my daughter absolutely adored.

Making jewelry with this pop beads kit was a breeze, even for young hands. The beads popped securely into place and could be easily disassembled if needed. It also comes with a helpful instruction booklet, offering various ideas and patterns that have been quite inspirational for my daughter.

The Orian Pop Beads set has been an excellent way for my daughter to develop her fine motor skills and boost her creative thinking. This charming set brings endless fun, whether we’re crafting at home or taking the beads on the go. Plus, it’s a perfect birthday present or stocking stuffer for any little fashion enthusiast.

Of course, no product is perfect, and there are a few minor cons that I noticed. The beads can be a choking hazard for very young children, so parental supervision is essential. Additionally, given the kit’s size, the beads can sometimes be difficult to manage for small hands. But overall, these minor drawbacks don’t detract from the enjoyment and creativity that the Orian Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit provides.

DIY Bracelet Making Kit for Girls


I recently purchased the YOUNUO Charm Bracelet Making Kit for my child, and it has been such a fun experience. The variety of beads and charms provided in the kit is astounding — from cute starfish to elegant mermaids, each piece can be used to create a unique and personalized bracelet. The charms are easy to remove and rearrange, allowing my child to mix and match them with different bracelets.

The quality of the items included in the kit is top-notch. They are not only durable but also beautiful. The packaging is lovely, and the box can be used for storage later on, making it a great value for money.

As a gift, the kit has been incredibly popular among our friends and family. It’s perfect for any occasion — be it a birthday party, Christmas, or just a casual get-together. My child loves making bracelets and exchanging them with her friends, while I enjoy seeing her creativity bloom.

However, one thing that could be improved is the inclusion of more bracelets in the kit to accommodate a wider variety of styles and preferences. Despite this, the YOUNUO Charm Bracelet Making Kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a creative and engaging activity for their children or as a thoughtful gift for someone else’s child.

DIY Bracelet Making Studio: Cra-Z-Art 41 Piece Complete Set


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Cra-Z-Art Be Inspired Ultimate Bracelet Studio, and let me tell you, it has been quite the adventure! As a busy mom, I loved how this kit provided my daughter with endless hours of creative play. She’s been able to explore her artistic side by crafting unique bracelets for herself and her friends.

The kit comes with everything you need: trendy charms, metallic threads, sparkling beads, gems, and more! One of the coolest features is the custom charms with personalized names and phrases that can be created easily through this studio. Both my daughter and her friends have had a blast designing and trading their bracelets.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks. The directions were a bit too difficult for my 8-year-old to figure out on her own, requiring some assistance from me. Additionally, the foam “petals” with slits in them to hold the strings are great, but I wish there were some kind of hook to attach the top of the bracelet.

Overall, the Cra-Z-Art Be Inspired Ultimate Bracelet Studio is an excellent choice for children ages 8 and up. It provides endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression while fostering important hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your kids entertained, this could be the perfect addition to your home!

Stylish Adults Deluxe Jewelry Making Beads Mix Starter Kit


So many More Colour Bead Mixes in Store! Let your Creative Spirit run Free! As an avid jewelry maker, I can attest to the quality and versatility of this Adults Beginners Jewelry Making Kit. Firstly, the range of colors in the beads is truly impressive, allowing for endless creativity. The kit also includes an array of tools and materials, such as pliers and wire, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started right away.

Now, let’s talk about the pros of this product. The variety of beads is definitely a standout feature. Not only are there many colors, but the different shapes and sizes allow for a diverse range of jewelry designs. Additionally, the included jewelry book provides plenty of inspiration and guidance for beginners. Lastly, the kit comes in a nice pink box, making it an attractive gift option.

On the other hand, some users found that the quality of the pliers could be improved, and some items, like the eye pins, were not as pristine as they’d hoped. However, these minor cons do not detract from the overall value and enjoyment that this kit provides.

In conclusion, the Adults Beginners Jewelry Making Kit is a wonderful choice for both beginners and seasoned jewelry makers alike. The array of beads, tools, and materials make it a comprehensive and versatile option, while the jewelry book offers valuable guidance. Despite some minor drawbacks, this kit remains a solid choice for anyone looking to explore the world of jewelry making.

DIY Jewelry Set for Kids


I recently purchased the Fao Schwarz Jewelry Kit for my daughter’s birthday, and I have to say, it was a huge hit. She spends hours creating beautiful jewelry pieces with the variety of beads, ribbons, and crystals that come in this set. The included jewelry box and carrying bag make it easy to keep everything organized and take it on-the-go. Plus, the diverse colors and styles allow for endless design possibilities.

One thing that really impressed me about this kit is the quality of the components. The beads are vibrant and well-made, and the jewelry clasps and rings are sturdy and durable. It’s clear that Fao Schwarz put a lot of thought into creating a product that would stand up to frequent use.

However, there was one aspect of the kit that could use some improvement — the lack of instructions. While my daughter and I were able to figure things out relatively quickly, it would have been nice to have a guide to give us a jumping-off point. Additionally, some of the smaller beads can be a bit challenging for younger kids to handle.

Overall, the Fao Schwarz Jewelry Kit is a fantastic gift for children who enjoy creative activities. Its high-quality components and diverse design options make it a favorite among kids and parents alike.

DIY Custom Jewelry & Accessory Case


As a craft enthusiast, I was excited to try out theSTMT True2U DIY Custom Jewelry & Accessory Case, and it did not disappoint! The kit came with a bountiful variety of beads, threads, and charms, providing endless possibilities for creating unique and colorful accessories. I particularly appreciated the included case, which not only kept all my beads organized but also allowed me to store and create on-the-go.

One of the standout features of this product is its ability to fuel creativity. I loved being able to mix and match different beads, thread colors, and charms to make original pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and hairpins. The assortment of colors and styles catered to a wide range of preferences, so it was easy to make something that suited my personal taste.

However, the kit’s size might become an issue for some users, as it can be quite overwhelming with so many pieces to sort through and work with at once. Additionally, the case could be more durable — it’s not the sturdiest when it comes to traveling with your jewelry collection.

Overall, I highly recommend theSTMT True2U DIY Custom Jewelry & Accessory Case for those who like to have fun and make their own unique accessories. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and create personalized pieces that reflect your style. Just be prepared to spend some time sorting through all the beads and thread, and maybe invest in a more robust case for storage.

Glittering Rainbow Bead Jewelry Kit


As a jewelry-loving gal, ever since I laid my hands on the hildie & Jo’s Rainbow Glass Bead Kit, my daily routine has been all about creating colorful and unique jewelry. This kit includes a variety of glass beads in vibrant colors that are perfect for crafting necklaces or bracelets that can liven up any outfit. Not only do these beads pop on their own, but their duel-tones enhance the color gradient of any jewelry piece.

Moreover, the size and weight of these glass beads are just right for comfortable and lightweight jewelry, whether you’re making bracelets for your trendy little ones or crafting intricate necklaces for yourself. Plus, if you’re a DIY enthusiast or a small business owner, this kit can be an excellent investment.

However, I’ve noticed that the colors can vary a bit from what is depicted in the pictures, so keep that in mind while planning your jewelry projects.

Overall, I must say that the hildie & Jo’s Rainbow Glass Bead Kit has been a wonderful addition to my jewelry-making supplies. The bright and colorful beads make each jewelry piece unique and eye-catching. Plus, it’s a versatile kit that can cater to both personal and commercial use.

Bracelet Making Starter Kit


Alright, listen up folks! I recently found this incredibly cool Metal Cuff Bracelet Making Kit and it has been quite a game changer for me. It came with pretty much everything you need to get started making unique and stylish cuffs, making this a great option for beginners.

Now, I must admit, there are some extra bits and bobs that you might want to pick up separately, like alphabet sets and a riveting hammer, but honestly, it’s still such a time-saver. This kit included bracelet bending pliers, metal snips, a metal punch, a metal file, strips of copper, nickel silver, and brass, as well as a variety of rivets.

One of the best things about this kit is the variety of projects you can do, especially with the added bonus of free help from the supplier, who claims to be a pretty cool metalworking chick herself. She promises to get back to you within 24 hours with any questions you have, which is quite the reassurance when you’re stuck trying to bend that copper strip into something vaguely resembling a cuff.

Also, the shipping is super fast too. She has two people working tirelessly both during the day and after 4PM to fill up orders. So, if you need it sooner, you can always upgrade your shipping.

I must say, even though it’s not the most glamorous job, metalwork is surprisingly satisfying. There’s just something about the way the rivet heads look on a finished piece that can’t be beat. But, hey, don’t just take my word for it. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Happy reviewers are praising the kit’s completeness and its super-fast shipping. Some even noted that the tools included are of great quality.

However, if there’s one thing I could improve about this kit, it’s the fact that it doesn’t include all the other tools you might need. But hey, it’s designed as a basic starter kit, and the supplier has made a bunch of links for you to acquire those if needed. Plus, given the speedy response time from the supplier, you can almost consider it a personalized service.

Oh, and hey! If you’re an international buyer, don’t worry. She may be able to break up and ship separately — just give her a heads up. She’s also very refund-friendly, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you will get your money back. And guess what? She even answers your convos within 24 hours.

In a nutshell, if you’re into DIY jewelry making, especially if you’re a beginner, you’re not going to find a better Metal Cuff Bracelet Making Kit than this one. Trust me on this, folks! My personal experience with it has been wonderful. It’s comprehensive, the tools are of good quality, and the level of service from the supplier is outstanding.

So, do yourself a favor and grab one of these. Get ready to create some cuff-spiration, and remember, the sky’s the limit with this kit!

DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet Kit


My first encounter with the Green Serpent Beaded Wrap Bracelet Beading Kit was a delightful one. It arrived well-organized and packed with numerous components. What stood out for me was the detailed pattern, abundant in color photographs and diagrams for easy comprehension.

The kit caters to both intermediate and advanced beaders, providing all components and seed beads required to make one beautiful bracelet that goes perfectly with almost any outfit. The accompanied instructions in the form of an emailed PDF file were clear and comprehensive, making the beading process enjoyable and straightforward.

However, you need to provide additional materials like beading thread, a beading needle, scissors, pliers, and glue. The seller advises against mass production of beadwork made from their designs while encouraging users to acknowledge the author’s work publicly, if possible.

As for the cons, it’s worth mentioning that there are no printed instructions or templates sent with the kit. Additionally, no refunds are available on tutorial purchases.

All in all, the Green Serpent Beaded Wrap Bracelet Beading Kit was a fulfilling, creative experience that left me wanting more. The kit and the tutorial together make it a perfect package for anyone looking to add some unique and personalized jewelry to their collection.

Rainbow Loom Neon Bracelet Making Kit | Michaels Exclusive


As a creative enthusiast, I’ve always found the Rainbow Loom Neon Treasure Box Bracelet Making Kit quite appealing. The moment I laid my hands on this Michaels exclusive treasure chest, I knew I was in for a treat! This kit is an absolute treasure trove for aspiring bracelet makers, with its assorted colors and ease of use. This is the perfect birthday gift or just a fun activity for kids aged 7 and up. The treasure chest is packed with 8,000 rubber bands, a loom, and C-clips, enabling the creation of various colorful bracelet designs.

Though the process of using the loom might be a bit challenging for beginners, once you get the hang of it, the fun and satisfaction are unmatched. The rubber bands are of good quality, making the bracelets durable and long-lasting. The vibrant colors add a touch of glamour to the bracelets, perfect for styling with various outfits.

However, I did find that removing the bracelets from the loom can be a bit difficult, especially for younger kids, but with some patience and practice, it’s manageable. Overall, the Rainbow Loom Neon Treasure Box Bracelet Making Kit is an attractive and fun activity for kids and can keep them engaged for hours!

Buyer’s Guide

Bracelet making kits are a great way to explore your creative side and create unique, personalized jewelry. As with any crafting tool or material, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right bracelet making kit for your needs. This guide will walk you through some important features and general advice to ensure you find the perfect kit.

1. Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials included in your bracelet making kit is crucial. Look for kits that include high-grade beads, charms, and strings or cords. Higher quality materials mean your finished bracelets will be more durable and last longer. Pay attention to the type of beads — glass, metal, or gemstones — and check reviews to gauge their quality.

2. Variety of Components


Consider the assortment of beads, charms, and findings (clasps, crimp beads, etc. ) provided in the kit. A good bracelet making kit should have a diverse selection of components, allowing you to create various designs and styles. Some kits will also include spacers, jump rings, and earrings to diversify your jewelry-making projects.

3. Difficulty Level

Bracelet making kits cater to different skill levels. Beginners may prefer kits with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and basic components. Advanced crafters might opt for kits with more complex patterns, unique materials, or additional tools and accessories. Be sure to choose a kit that aligns with your skill level and desired complexity.

4. Instructions and Support

Look for kits that come with detailed instructions or tutorials, especially if you’re new to bracelet making. Well-written guides and helpful videos can make a significant difference in your ability to create beautiful jewelry from your kit. Also, consider whether the manufacturer or seller offers support or additional resources for their products.

5. Value for Money

While it’s essential to invest in a quality bracelet making kit, it’s equally important not to overspend on features or components you won’t use. Evaluate the overall value of a kit by comparing its price to the quantity and quality of its contents. This will help you find a kit that’s both affordable and well-stocked for your crafting needs.


6. Brand Reputation

Choose a bracelet making kit from a reputable brand with a history of producing high-quality crafting products. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality, reliability, and satisfaction of past purchasers. A good brand will prioritize customer satisfaction and offer support and replacement parts when needed.

By considering these factors and keeping an eye out for high-quality materials, diverse components, and detailed instructions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect bracelet making kit for your needs. Happy crafting!


What is a bracelet making kit?

A bracelet making kit is a collection of materials and tools designed for creating various types of bracelets, such as beaded, wire, or fabric bracelets. These kits typically include instructions, beads, charms, wire, ribbons, and other embellishments to help you easily craft your own unique bracelets.

Who can use a bracelet making kit?


Bracelet making kits are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. They are perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike who want to explore different bracelet styles or create personalized gifts for friends and family.

What types of bracelets can I make with a kit?

Bracelet making kits usually include materials and instructions for making various types of bracelets, such as beaded bracelets, wire bracelets, fabric bracelets, and more. Some kits may also include additional tools and components to create other types of jewelry like necklaces or earrings.

How difficult are bracelet making kits to use?

The difficulty level of using a bracelet making kit can vary depending on the specific kit and the type of bracelet you are trying to create. Many kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and are designed for beginners, while others may require more advanced skills or knowledge. Always read the product description and reviews to ensure the kit is suitable for your skill level.

Do bracelet making kits come with instructions?

Yes, most bracelet making kits come with detailed instructions, often accompanied by pictures or diagrams, to help you create various types of bracelets. Some kits may also include video tutorials for additional guidance.


What tools and materials are included in a bracelet making kit?

The contents of a bracelet making kit can vary depending on the type of bracelet it is designed to create. However, common components might include beads, charms, wire, ribbons, thread, tools like pliers or wire cutters, and other embellishments like buttons or clasps.

How much do bracelet making kits cost?

The price of bracelet making kits can vary greatly depending on the quality of the materials, the number and complexity of bracelet designs included, and the overall brand or reputation of the manufacturer. Prices typically range from around $10 for basic kits to over $50 for more advanced and comprehensive kits.

Are bracelet making kits a good gift for someone who enjoys DIY projects?

Yes, bracelet making kits make excellent gifts for anyone who enjoys DIY projects, crafting, or creating personalized jewelry. They can provide hours of creative fun and result in beautiful, handmade bracelets that the recipient can wear or share with others.

Can bracelet making kits be used for group activities or workshops?


Yes, bracelet making kits are perfect for group activities, workshops, or parties, as they provide a fun and engaging way for participants to create their own unique bracelets while socializing and learning new skills. Sharing kits among friends or family members can also be a cost-effective way to enjoy the crafting experience together.

How long does it take to complete a bracelet using a kit?

The time it takes to complete a bracelet using a kit can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the design, your skill level, and the tools and materials provided in the kit. Most beginners can expect to complete a basic bracelet within 30 minutes to an hour, while more advanced designs might take a few hours or more to finish. Patience and practice are key to mastering bracelet making techniques and improving your speed and efficiency.

What should I consider when choosing a bracelet making kit?

When selecting a bracelet making kit, consider factors such as your skill level, the types of bracelets you want to create, the quality of the materials in the kit, and your personal style preferences. Reading reviews and product descriptions can also be helpful in determining which kit is the best fit for you.

How can I store and organize my bracelet making supplies?

There are many creative ways to store and organize your bracelet making supplies, such as using small containers, bead storage organizers, or crafting boxes. Labeling and categorizing your materials can also help streamline your jewelry-making process and ensure you always have the right components on hand for your projects.